The foundations are the most important and sometimes difficult part of your build it is essential to get these right as they provide the base for the support of your building

The type of foundation you require will depend on the soil type you are building on and its quality (Sandy soil can freeze and rise up as it expands. Clay soil will shrink in a drought and may cause movement in your foundation.), the weather conditions and the load of the building.

The different types of foundation you may need are:

Strip, raft, Block and Beam or insul slab.

Insulslab SFRC is a complete system, based on a type of raft foundation which comprises a series of interlocking expanded polystyrene pods, forming a substantially rigid ‘waffle’ shaped slab (waffle foundation system). Steel fibre reinforced concrete is poured over the top to form the finished foundation.

Please click here to download more information about the different types of foundations you can get


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